Personalized Handmade Jewellery

When you employ our services, you will find that you will be the recipient of some extraordinary and personalised jewellery that is fully handmade. You can make personal request and we will cater the services according to you. You can also carry anything you want onto your jewellery.

Carved Jewelry

Fine Art You’ll Love to Wear

You will be wearing pieces of jewellery that are basically pieces of art. There are a lot of artists who work day and night to make sure that you get the right kind of jewellery that you need.

The carving and the engraving that is done into these pieces of jewellery is absolutely intricate.

Handcrafted Mens & Womens Wood Jewelry

Most of our products are actually handcrafted and very few of them are made with the help of a machine. With hand crafting comes perfection.


Man actually have a huge range of jewellery that they can choose from. We have a lot of products indeed.


We cater so many of our products for women, and we make sure that all of it is perfect.

Cultural Wood Jewelry for Men

Brown Leather Feather Pendant
Wood and Sterling Silver Ring
Wood and Recycled Plastic Beaded Bracelet

Floral Wood Jewelry for Women

Sunflower Wood Cocktail Ring
Floral Wood Pendant
Haldu Wood and Brass Pendant

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